Gilera Brake Lines by HEL

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The brake hose layout is designated by either 'S', 'F' or 'O', for example [1S]. More information on the brake hose layout.

You must select ADR Compliance below if you wish your lines to be street-legal in Australia.
Stealth option includes heatshrink on the ferrules and unique Stealth packaging.
Threaded fittings are only available in natural (silver) stainless steel.
Titanium fittings will include an additional charge.

Click here for more information on banjo and hose colour options

Model Year
DNA 50 [1S] 2000 - 2005
GSM50 [1S] 2000 - 2001
DNA 125 [1S] 2000 - 2005
GFR125 [1S] 1993 - 1994
Runner FX125 [1S] 1997 - 2001
Runner FXR180 [1S] 1998 - 2001
Runner FXR180 SP [1S] 2000 - 2001
Saturno 500 [1S] 1990 - 1993
Nord West [2S]