HEL Motorcycle Options

HEL Brake Line Layouts

HEL Brake Hose Layout

S: Standard Kit. As per the original brake line layout on your bike.

F: Full-Length "race" kit. Two Full Length Lines both running from master cylinder, one to the right hand caliper and one to the left hand caliper.

O: Over-the-mudguard. One full length line runs from master cylinder to the right hand caliper and the other connecting right and left calipers by routing over the mudguard.

Banjo Colours

HEL Banjo Colour Options

HEL are aware that some customers like the colour combinations offered by ally fittings but require the strength of stainless steel which is why they have brought out a new range of coloured stainless steel fittings - The only one's currently available in the world. They are available in Red, Green, Blue, Black, Purple and Gold so you can still have the full choice of colour but with the added security, strength and reliability of stainless steel. The coloured finish is also UV resistant so they won't fade in the sunlight and are backed by the lifetime warranty.

Brake Hose Colours

Transparent RedSolid RedKTM OrangeTransparent YellowSolid YellowKawasaki GreenTransparent GreenTransparent Neon BlueSolid Blue
Transparent Denim BlueSold Dark BlueSolid PurpleSolid PinkBlackTransparent Carbo-LookSilver-GreyWhiteClear

HEL brake line kits are provided with a PVC cover to protect paintwork and fairings. The PVC cover is extruded onto the hose during manufacture so it adheres to the braid and does not ripple like heat shrink covers normally do.

They are available in the following colour options: transparent red, red, "KTM" orange, transparent yellow, yellow, lime "Kawasaki" green, transparent green, transparent neon blue, blue, denim blue, dark blue, purple, pink, black, transparent carbo-look, silver-gray, white or clear.